Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to register after receiving the acceptance notification
    • On the main menu, under “How to Submit the Abstract” you may find the “Registration Form”
  2. What if the secondary or other non-presenting authors want to join the conference?
    • Non-presenting authors can join the conference by registering as a general participant.
  3. Will the committee be providing any sort of accomodation?
    • No. The conference fee only includes lunch, coffee break and dinner at the event. However, ACIR 2018 committee will provide a guide book to help the participants find accomodation options.
  4. Is there any fee waivers for any reason?
    • No.
  5. Is there any additional payment?
    • Yes, if the participant join the Bromo Tour. The fee for the tour will be informed to the participants at least three months in advance of the conference.

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